What is Camp Bon Coeur?

Every kid deserves a place where they can just have fun, be themselves, and make friends. But for the 40,000 kids born each year with heart problems, that can be particularly difficult. Thankfully, there's a place where kids with uncommon hearts can find common ground.

Camp Bon Coeur, or Camp "Good Heart," is a non-profit residential summer camp for kids dealing with cardiovascular issues. Based in South Louisiana, the camp takes place annually in July and provides a fun and safe environment for "cardiac campers" who have the need for additional support because of their heart conditions.

" I can't imagine my life without camp. Because whenever I was little I used to hate having a heart defect, like it made me feel so different, but coming here made me embrace myself." Emma, Counselor and Former Camper

405 West Main Street
PHONE: 337-233-8437
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